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If your iPhone tumbles into the pool, water tank, or toilet, you are probably starting to panic at the thought of losing your essential information and ruining an expensive device. There is no need to panic. Your water-damaged iPhone can be repaired with gadget repair professionals.

What to Do When Your iPhone is Dropped in Water

*Switch off your iPhone so it doesn’t short circuit.

*Remove your iPhone case.

*Choose microfiber cloth to wipe your wet iPhone.

*Air dry your iPhone for around 48 to 72 hours.

Water damage can cause several issues with your cell phone. These issues include:

*Your iPhone may no longer switch on, either due to short-circuit or some internal parts have been damaged. You will need to take your device to an experienced iPhone repair professional.

*If your iPhone won’t charge, there is likely a problem in your charging port. Generally, this happens when the water entered your iPhone through the charging port. Since there are electrical components, it is likely that it could become corroded. If this is the situation, let your charging port dry before you plug your iPhone in.

*Sometimes water will harm your iPhone screen, leaving spots on the glass. You don’t know if the damage is permanent or will result in other problems, so you should turn your iPhone off and let it air dry.

While this may sound like a simple solution, you should remember that it’s still possible for the phone circuitry to be damaged. Damaged circuits can result in corrosion that will cause your iPhone screen to stop functioning. Take your iPhone to a cell phone repair professional for assessment and fix any issues.

*Your speakers may also be damaged if it gets wet. Let your iPhone dry. Once you turn on, take a few minutes to back up your important data before testing the speaker. If there is water in your speaker, using it could short-circuit your iPhone. Once you have backed up your data, simply play some music to test your speakers.

The right way of fixing your water-damaged iPhone is to skip the DIY approach and simply bring it to the iPhone repair professionals. Make your iPhone Repair in Richardson easy with gadget repair professionals. The sooner you bring your iPhone to the repair professionals, the better.

Choose Hassle-free iPhone Repair Service

At Cellphone4sure, we provide cost-effective gadget repair solutions. Whatever problem you are facing with your cell phone, tablet, computer, or watch, we have the right solution for you. Contact us today to know more about our gadget repair service in Richardson and its surrounding areas.

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