If you have an older iPhone, you might need an iPhone battery replacement service. iPhone battery life decreases with time and the degradation is more rapid with older iPhone models. There are things you can do to put off iPhone battery replacement for a while longer. Here are common habits you probably have that are damaging your iPhone battery.

Screen Brightness

Smartphones come with an auto-brightness feature. This keeps your screen bright while preventing you from having to get an immediate iPhone recharge. If your iPhone screen is bright every day, it can cause serious wear on your iPhone battery.

Looking for a signal in a low signal area

One of the main things that ruin your iPhone battery life is looking for a signal in a low signal area. You can simply prevent this situation by turning off your WiFi unless you are connected to a network. Keep your airplane mode ON when there isn’t enough signal for your data to work.

Too many notifications and not using low power mode

Countless notifications can wear down your battery health over time. Keep iPhone notifications on for just things you need to be notified about. Use low power mode as it allows your iPhone battery to adjust according to the percentage it is at and prevents it from further damage.

Quitting apps

Opening and closing applications require battery power. Repeated actions can harm your iPhone battery life. Always leave applications open while you use them instead of closing the whole thing between every new text.

Unnecessary Apps

If you have applications on your iPhone that you don’t use, delete them immediately, particularly if they use a lot of battery power. Don’t leave applications that you rarely look at running in the background. Keeping your iPhone storage under control improves your iPhone battery life.

Charging when your iPhone battery is full

Once your iPhone battery is full, unplug your iPhone. Keeping it plugged into the charger past 100 percent can harm your battery. It is recommended to charge your iPhone during the day than overnight when it will stay plugged in a fully charged mode for hours.

If you find your battery life getting suddenly worse, contact a gadget repair shop for iPhone Repair in Plano. If you realize that it’s time to replace your iPhone battery, choose gadget repair professionals for hassle-free iPhone battery replacement and enjoy your expensive iPhone to the fullest at all times.

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