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Is your iPad charging slowly? Your expensive iPad is not charging properly and you don’t know how to fix it. Whether you are having a problem with a particular charging cable or multiple cables, here are the practical solutions to fix your iPad that won’t charge.

Do not Charge Your iPad with Your Computer

Your iPad won’t charge by your laptop or computer, especially if it is an older model. Even if your smartphone charges properly with your computer, your expensive iPad may require significantly more time to charge than the iPhone.

Charge Your iPad Using a High Power iPad Charging Block

With an iPhone adapter, your handy iPad can still charge, but it takes longer. Always note the markings on the charger. Chargers with different wattages have enough power to charge an iPad quickly.

Check the Charging Cable

If your iPad is charging slowly or not charging at all, you might have an issue with your adapter or the cable. When you connect the iPad to your computer, you can troubleshoot the charging cable. If lightning appears on the battery meter, your charging cable is working well.

If the computer does not trace when you connect the iPad, it doesn’t recognize the iPad is connected. Use another charging cable to check if that fixes the charging problem. If it is working well then throw away the first cable.

And if you have multiple power adapters, switch them out. If your adapter doesn’t work, but another one is functioning, purchase a new lightning adapter.

Clean Your iPad Charging Port

Clean the charging port of the iPad. If a new cable does not work properly, your charging port may have an issue. The dust particles, lint, or other unwanted material have entered the charging port.

You need to follow the same steps when you clean your expensive iPhone’s charging port. Simply shine a flashlight into the charging port of the iPad while it is upside down. Check the charging port deeply to see if any materials are blocking it. Keep it clean with an anti-static brush. To remove unwanted materials, always turn off the iPad first and avoid touching the port’s sides.

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