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Whenever you need to type something in your iPad, a keyboard will appear at the bottom. You can use a floating keyboard on an iPad in addition to the full keyboard, which makes typing with one hand convenient. A floating keyboard can be easily split, drag and positioned.

If you want to use static virtual keyboard for typing, then there are simple ways to change your iPad keyboard versions or disable the floating keyboard.

Use the Pinch to Zoom Feature to Instantly Switch Back to the Standard Keyboard

If a small keyboard floating over your application, you can change it to full keyboard simply by using pinch to zoom feature. This is just like zooming your picture on your expensive iPad. Place your fingers on the floating keyboard and spread them apart like you use pinch to zoom feature. When it expands, the floating keyboard will become your standard keyboard on an iPad.

Drag the Floating Keyboard into Proper Place

Tap and hold the bottom of the floating keyboard, then drag it to the bottom of your iPad screen to secure it in place. Your floating iPad keyboard will snap into place when you remove your finger.

Merge Your Split Keyboard to Stop Floating

If there are two keyboards floating over your application, you must merge them. To bring up the floating keyboards, tap a text field, then touch and hold the keyboard button in the lower right corner of one of them. Choose Dock and Merge, the two small keyboards will combine and stop floating.

Disable Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes, if you have connected a Bluetooth keyboard, you will notice the floating keyboard still appears. Try deactivating keyboard shortcuts to resolve this issue. The Shortcuts and Predictive toggles can be disabled by following Settings > General > Keyboard > All Keyboards, and disable the shortcuts.

Restart Your iPad

If your floating keyboard continues to malfunction or is unresponsive, then restart your iPad to resolve the issue. Slide to power down by simply pressing the Sleep/Wake button.

Unable to use a floating keyboard or struggling to disable it on your expensive iPad? That’s not a big problem at all. Gadget repair professionals who offer fast and convenient iPad Repair in Dallas can enable or disable your floating keyboard on your iPad to ensure hassle-free functioning of your iPad.

Do More with Your iPad with Professionals

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