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Tablet Repair in Plano, TX

Do you need a tablet repair in Plano, TX? CellPhone4sure experts will help you in this regard.

Your Local Tablet Repair in Plano

Are you searching for “tablet repair near me”? We can help you get answers. Cellphones4sure is the most trusted repair destination in your surrounding area. We are the major repair store in town with the most expert staff. We make sure that the people of Plano are always up to the mark with the tech gadgets.

The Most Reliable Tablet Repair Services

Tablet Screen Repair

When you drop your Tab, you are most likely going to experience a damaged display. If you broke your tablet LCD, our professionals are always in your easy access. You can use our tablet screen repair service to get rid of all types of issues.

Tablet Battery Replacement

Batteries have a lifespan. Usually, it is around 2 to 3 years. It is advisable that you replace the batteries after a certain time frame. If your Samsung tablet is not holding charge like it used to, you need to contact us to get a high-quality tablet battery replacement service.

Tablet Water Damage Repair

H2O is the most fearsome enemy of your electronic devices. When exposed to liquids, your gadgets can start to act strange, or even they can suffer a complete shutdown. If you want to save your device from an unexpected death, you need to get our tablet water damage repair service as soon as possible.

Tablet Charge Port Repair

If you are not able to connect your tablet with your charge adapter or a USB cord, you must look for a tablet charging port repair service to get things running in their best state. Do not keep on getting annoyed with a disrupted charge experience. Try out our services today.

Tablet Camera Repair

Are you not able to talk to your family members and friends over a video call due to a broken cam? A broken lens, hardware glitch, or software malfunction is never a problem for our techs. We are providing the best tablet camera repair in the area. Reach out to us today.

Tablet Button Repair

Are the buttons of your Samsung tablet not functioning? Or if your Apple iPad keys do not respond as they should, you must contact our technicians to bring back your device keys to normal working condition using our tablet button repair service.

How Are We Better?

There are so many ways in which we are better than our competitors. We will discuss some of the benefits we provide that can provide you with the most value. Let’s see how our comprehensive set of services can be beneficial for you.

Simple Process

We are offering a very easy process. You just need to contact us or visit our store whenever you want. There are no compulsory appointment procedures.

Fast Turnaround

There is an updated inventory of high-quality parts at our store. Hence, we do not need to waste time in waiting for parts to arrive before starting a repair.

Competitive Prices

You do not need to worry about prices whenever you are at CellPhone4sure. Our prices are very affordable, even when you are on a budget.

Contact Experts At The Best Tablet Repair Store

Never delay your tablet repair for long. Whether your Android tablet is messing with you or if it is an Apple iPad. You need to act quickly to get it fixed on time. Our expert services are always at your disposal if you care about your devices. Call us to learn more.


We are capable of fixing all major makes and models of the tablets. You do not need to worry if the device is 10 years old or if it is the latest model. We will fix it.

The tablet repair services and their rates differ based on their model and replacement parts. But all of our services are always offered at an affordable price tag.

If you wish to contact us, call us at (972) 509-0786. Moreover, you can visit our physical store at 301 W Parker Rd Suite 101, Plano, TX 75023.

No, there are no mandatory appointment procedures when you are with us. Just visit us whenever you are comfortable.