If you somehow spilled water on your MacBook, here is what you should do immediately. With quick action, you might be able to save your expensive gadget and stop additional damage. When technology malfunctions, gadget repair professionals fix it, whether your MacBook won’t turn on or your iPhone speaker is damaged.

Unplug Your MacBook Charger if it is Connected

The first step you need to take is unplug your MacBook from its charger. This will cut the continuous flow of current to your device and stop any additional damage. Remove any connected devices such as hard disk, external SSD, headphones, pen drives, keyboard, mouse, or bluetooth from your MacBook. Disconnecting connected devices will ensure the safety of these peripherals and help prevent water from clogging the ports.

Turn Off Your MacBook Immediately

It is important to turn off your MacBook immediately if liquid has been spilled on the keyboard or screen. To shut down your MacBook, unplug it first, then press the power button for at least 5 to 6 seconds.
As leaving your MacBook wet could result in a short circuit, switch it off right away. Be careful not to unplug your MacBook from the wall immediately if you or your clothing are wet since you risk electrocuting yourself. Instead, turn off the switch immediately or circuit breaker for the outlet where your MacBook is connected in.

Let Your MacBook Dry Properly

It is important to dry your MacBook gently if it becomes wet. To begin, dab water from your device with superior microfiber cloth, being careful to dry the keyboard, trackpad, and USB ports. To dry tight, hard to reach spaces, use a cotton swab, then follow these steps to drain your gadget.

  • Turn your MacBook upside down, place it on supersoft microfiber cloth, and let the water drip out.
  • Allow 4 to 5 hours for your MacBook to fully air dry.
  • Do not place your expensive gadget in rice. You will face serious problems if the rice gets stuck in and around the components of your MacBook.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer or leave your MacBook out in the sunlight. Too much heat could damage your gadget.

Prevent Water from Seeping Inside

Depending on the liquid you spilled, analyze the situation and act quickly to absorb as much as possible. Use paper towels, microfiber clothes, or any similar soft material to soak up the water from your MacBook’s keyboard.
If your MacBook is slow or causing problem after spilling water on it, you probably need Macbook Repair in Plano. Professional Mac repair technicians can repair or replace any MacBook model.

Choose Professional Macbook Repair in Plano

Spilled water on a MacBook is a common problem and the most common kind of cases we deal with. When you bring your Mac device to us, trust us it will be handled by expert technicians. Contact us today to know more about our Macbook Repair in Plano and its surrounding areas. Save your gadgets with us!

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