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iPhone repair in Richardson, TX

Get ready to discover  iPhone repair in Richardson, TX because we care about quality, skill, and client satisfaction

iPhone repair in Richardson, TX

Closest iPhone Repair In The Area

We know how important our iPhones are to us. They help us stay connected to our loved ones, our work, and the world around us. So If your iPhone  is broken, and you are looking for a perfect repair solution nearby, have a look at us. Our team of experts can fix all kinds of problems, like cracked screens, water damage, and bad batteries. We use the latest tools and techniques to make your iPhone work like new again. You can choose us and get the solution for iPhone repair near me

Top Notch iPhone Repair Services

We understand the frustration when your iPhone is not working properly. Our repair experts are very skillful who will restore your device like a new one. We deliver the services as follows:

iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone’s battery running out quickly or not staying charged like before? This might happen because the battery is old and needs to be replaced, which is a common problem for many iPhone users. We’re experts at iPhone battery replacement. Our team of experts will find out the problem fast and change your battery with a new, good one, making your iPhone work better again.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Did your iPhone fall into water by mistake? Water can quickly damage your iPhone if you don’t fix it fast. We specialize in iPhone water damage repair. Our team will check how bad the damage is and fix it to make your iPhone work perfect. We use special ways and tools to fix water damage, making sure your iPhone works well again.

iPhone Broken Screen Repair

Has your iPhone’s screen broken or cracked? A broken screen not only looks bad but also makes your iPhone hard to use. Just visit us for iPhone broken screen repair. Our team can put a new screen on your iPhone, making it look and work like new. Don’t worry about your broken screen, let us fix it quickly.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

If your iPhone is not charging or connecting to your computer? The problem might be with the charging port. Free yourself from charging issues with our iPhone charging port repair. Our team can find out what’s wrong and fix it so you can charge your iPhone easily. Whether it’s a loose connection or a broken port, we can fix it and make your iPhone work like new.

iPhone Camera Repair

Sometimes camera’s won’t work right, like taking blurry pictures or showing a black screen? Having a bad camera can make it hard to take good pictures. We excel in iPhone camera repair. Our team can figure out what’s wrong and fix it, so you can take clear pictures again. Whether it’s a broken lens or a software problem, we can fix it

iPhone Back Glass Repair

The back of your iPhone breaks or crack. It not only keeps everything inside safe but also makes it look nice. We’re good at iPhone back glass repair service. Our team can put a new back on your iPhone, making it look perfect. Don’t worry about your broken back, let us fix it quickly and make your iPhone nice again.

Why Choose Us For iPhone Repair in Richardson, TX?

We aim to provide unmatched services to our customers. We always prefer quality in our service by using the best quality parts. We know the importance of your time, that’s why we work hard to provide a swift turn around and affordable rates. Our friendly staff is here to guide you whenever you need it.

Expert Knowledge

The staff is highly skillful and capable of dealing with any sort of problem your device might have. They are highly committed to their work and will provide you with the best results.

Affordable Pricing

Our repair prices are very affordable and fair. Our objective is to deliver quality service atwith reasonable prices. 


We are offering a 90 days warranty on all iPhone repair services. You can easily claim it at our store if you are facing any sort of issue within the warranty days.

iPhone battery Repair richardson tx

Join Us AT The CellPhones4sure iPhone Repair Store

CelliPhones4sure has emerged as a leading choice in Richardson because we aim to deliver quality repair services. Our priority is to provide top notch and affordable repairs. We have never compromised on quality. Our choice of using high quality components has gained the trust of our customers. Contact us today and get the best solutions for your device.


You can extend the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery by avoiding extreme temperatures, not overcharging your iPhone, and using battery-saving features when possible.

Repairing a iPhone with water damage can be worth it if the cost of repair is significantly lower than the cost of a new iPhone. However, the extent of the damage and the iPhone ‘s overall condition should be considered.

While a cracked back glass may not directly affect your iPhone’s performance, it can leave your iPhone vulnerable to further damage and should be repaired to maintain its integrity.