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An iPhone Repair in Plano, TX

When looking for a trusted iPhone repair in Plano, TX, CellPhones4Sure can be the best choice for you.

iPhone Repair in plano tx

Found A Trustworthy iPhone Repair Near Me

We know that you are done trying to find a considerable place where you can get your smartphone fixed. Having a place where you can blindly put your trust is a blessing. We bring you one such destination. Cellphones4sure is a store with thousands of happily satisfied clients. We ensure that we are providing the best value-for-money deals.

Our High-Quality iPhone Repair Services

An iPhone Screen Repair

What to do when you break your phone’s LCD? You need to call the experts in town. CellPhones4Sure is the most professional iPhone screen repair service provider in the area. With the help of highly skilled staff, we are able to make your phone display scratchless once again.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your phone battery all swollen up? Is it not able to hold the charge throughout the day? Our iPhone battery replacement service is designed to make battery-related problems go away. We will put in high-grade parts that will have a longer lifespan.

Powerful iPhone Water Damage Repair

H2O is not a friend of your electronic gadget. We know it by the extent of damage it inflicts on the devices. But accidents can happen. Our iPhone water damage repair service is designed to handle such mishaps. We will closely examine the device and make all the problems disappear.

iPhone Charge Port Repair

Are you not able to connect your mobile phone with the charging source? Is it not possible for you to transfer data using a USB cable? We have an iPhone charge port repair service to help you get rid of these problems. Whether it is a loose connection or a non-functional component, we can help you out.

iPhone Camera Repair

Apple phones are very famous for their portrait photos. If you are unable to use this functionality due to a software glitch or a hardware defect, you can use our iPhone camera repair service. Our experts will make sure that you are able to capture wonderful photos with your mobile device.

iPhone Diagnostics Service

What can you do when the problem is not visible to your eye? The very first thing to do is to identify the root cause. Once the correct troubleshooting is done, only then the right course of action can be adopted. With our iPhone diagnostics service, we can correctly identify the problem and suggest the best repair procedure.

How Are We Better?

CellPhones4Sure is a well-known iPhone repair store famous for its professional staff and cheap prices. We offer the most comprehensive set of restoration services for your smart devices. Whether you are dealing with a broken screen or a speaker malfunction, we can help you solve the problem.

Budget-Friendly Repairs

If you have already spent enough money to get your mobile device fixed but had no luck. Our low-cost solutions will bring it back to life without putting any stress on your wallet.

Simplified Procedure

Our process is very simple. We do not want to put you in any uncomfortable position by filling out lengthy forms. Just visit our store and get your gadget repaired.

Easy Warranties

We apply easy-to-avail warranties on our solutions. Our experts ensure the peace of mind that you are looking for.


Do not wait to contact us

Your much-awaited iPhone repair has arrived. At CellPhones4Sure, our experts are ready to fix your malfunctioning device. All you need to do is to contact us and we will guide you through the process. Join us before it is too late.


Yes, we are providing the best speaker repair service. So, if you are facing problems with the audio functionality of your phone, we can help you make it go away.

You can contact us using our contact number: 972-509-0786. We are located at the following address: 301 W Parker Rd Suite 101, Plano, TX 75023.

Yes, we make you comfortable by offering easy warranties. You can visit our warranty policy section to learn more about what we are offering.

We are providing services for major brands. These include:

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  • LG
  • Sony
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